Sarah Moshman has taught seminars, workshops, mini-courses and full semester courses on all things independent documentary filmmaking. Bring her to your school or organization!

If every little girl had a role model like Sarah looking them in the eye and telling them, “Go. Do. Be.” the scales of justice in the cinematic realm would tell a different tale than they currently do.”

You don’t always get teachers who actively work in the subject you’re studying. I felt like Sarah always had very helpful and insightful advice that’s hard to get from a book or google search. She made documentary filmmaking seem doable and that’s inspiring!

Sarah was super friendly, approachable and open. Answered questions readily & in depth and got us all involved which was great.
I thought Sarah was transparent and passionate. She did a good job of relating and eliciting a response.

Sarah was extremely nice and she made me feel comfortable talking in class. She clearly knows what she’s talking about and it was cool to hear about her experiences.


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Sarah teaches a wide variety of formats on the subject of independent filmmaking from seminars to workshops, mini courses to full semester curriculum. To learn more and contact Sarah please use the contact box below.

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