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Past Speaking Engagements Include:

IHRSA Conference, MHEDA Material Handling Conference IFAI Women in Textiles Summit, United Bankers Bank, MPI Events Chicago, Smart Meetings Summit, WE DAY California, TEDxNormal, US Embassy Russia, US Embassy Djibouti, Chobani, Women in Business Retreat - Indy Chamber, University of Miami, Razorfish, Nordstrom, American Girl, Mattel, Microsoft, Charles Schwab, Athleta, National Charity League, Federal Reserve, General Electric, Organized for Action, G3 Women's Conference, Archer School for Girls, Sears Holdings, DirecTV, Ellevate Women's Network, Chicago Women in Architecture, and more!

TEDx Talk

Where Are All the Female Heroes?

What does it mean to be an empowered woman in America today? What does gender equality look and feel like? Sarah captured and tells the stories of heroic women that answer those questions and more. Sarah tells stories that inspire women, using the power of cinema to create change.

When organizing TEDxNormal, I wanted speakers who had engaging stories to tell, and would challenge the audience with their storytelling abilities. I immediately thought of Sarah, and our audience was not disappointed. She blew us away with the story she told, and how she told it. It is not easy to stand on the big red dot, but Sarah did it with confidence and grace.
— Doan Winkel, TEDx Normal Organizer

WE Day California

I was elated to invite Sarah to speak at WE Day California 2015. Sarah is an incredible role model, is making noise and has something to say. She was able to intimately connect to an audience of 16,000 with her candor, kindness and authentic sense of self. She believes in her projects and inspires others around her to believe in themselves. The Empowerment Project is about lifting people up and Sarah does just that. The audience was captivated and inspired with Sarah’s message. We were thrilled to include Sarah at WE Day California.
— Jill Pearson, Supervising Producer WE Day, 2014 - 2016

Sarah as the keynote speaker IFAI Women in Textiles Summit Savannah, GA

Sarah was absolutely amazing!!! I think everyone in the room wanted to be her best friend! I would say the best part was how “real” Sarah was and that she was able to pull together her life experiences, the experiences of the extraordinary women in her files and then the first thing she said to start the presentation was – “On paper it may look like we have nothing in common, but we have everything in common!” I think that really drew people in and put a nice bow as the final presentation of the two-day event. She had the audience tearing up but also uplifting them – it just really made the conference end on a high note.”

Jill Newman, Education and Events Coordinator “IFAI Women in Textiles Summit

SARAH AS THE KEYNOTE SPEAKER AT THE IHRSA, International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association Conference in San Diego, CA

Sarah is an incredible storyteller. She drew the audience in with moving accounts of amazing women. Her challenge to explore what we would do if we weren’t afraid to fail had our attendees engaged and inspired. Her own journey to share these stories is equally fascinating.”

- Pam O’Donnell, Vice President - Member Experience & Development, “International Health Racquet & Sportsclub Association


Sarah speaking to high school students at CU Denver LYnx arts camp program

We hosted Sarah as a guest artist at the 2018 LYNX Camp Filmmaking Program. After researching her film work, we were expecting a fantastic presentation but Sarah still exceeded expectations! Her combination of filmmaking skill plus passion for improving the world (particularly in the area of women’s rights and equality), make her an incredible documentary filmmaker. This combination also make her an ideal role model for aspiring high school filmmakers. Sarah not only inspired them through a wonderful presentation but she also spent the afternoon giving the students wonderful, honest feedback about their film scripts. The students definitely grew a lot as filmmakers from just a day with Sarah. We were grateful to have her as a guest artist and I would highly recommend her as a presenter, instructor, or guest artist for any educational group.
— Dave Walter, Director of the LYNX National Arts & Media Camps at CU Denver
Sarah added such a positive element to our Girls on the Run fundraiser. She talked with the crowd about her experiences and answered every question with authenticity, humor and class. She related so well with our audience, it felt like we were all chatting and drinking wine in a living room-bookclub style. Sarah was very personable, and all attendees left our event feeling inspired, hopeful and connected to others. I am so thankful that Sarah is spreading her knowledge of women empowerment, showing all women that the sky is our limit.
— Kasey MacNair, Girls on the Run San Diego Executive Director

We are so grateful we had the opportunity to feature Sarah Moshman and her film to raise funds for Girls on the Run San Diego. Sarah’s film is inspiring, powerful, and captivating and directly aligned with our mission. She is an incredible speaker and filmmaker who captured the hearts of our attendees from the minute she stepped on stage. Her passion for Girls on the Run is undeniable and helped us raise over $10,000. By all accounts, our event was a huge success!
— Ali Taylor, Girls on the Run San Diego Board Chair

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